December 2012


Seabird Learning expands

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Yay!  Students at St. George are starting to learn more about seabirds this winter through regular Skype meetings with the two oldest students – Carmen Philemonoff and William Lekanof Carmen and William have written the below blog introduction about their school. The St. George School is an excellent, small school…

Edible Seabird Nests

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Students on St. Paul make edible seabird nests. Enjoy! Edible Bird Nest Recipe: 8 marshmallows; 4 regular/4 coconut 2 tablespoons butter ½ cup rice krispies 1½ cup Chinese chow mein noodles 1. Put 8 marshmallows and 2tbs butter in a bowl. 2. Microwave for 35-40 seconds (take out if marshmallows puff real high)…

Answers for St. Paul

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Great to receive all your questions!  Keep them coming! 1) Jaycee:  Yes, you are right: there are lots of similarities between black guillemots and common murres.   Both species belong to the alcid family, and they both feed underwater using their wings to propel themselves.  Despite their similarities, the two…

Sea-ice extent effects seabird

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Black guillemots breeding in an Arctic Alaska colony feed their chicks on polar cod.  These small fish are associated with the polar pack ice, and therefore may become in short supply for breeding guillemots as local sea-ice extent retreats. Read more…

Seabird breeding videos

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This month, we’re learning about seabird breeding Below are some links to videos for a number of breeding seabirds.  Look at the diversity in nesting habitat. Which of these species only comes to their nest-site at night? Emperor Penguins Atlantic Puffins Thick-billed Murres Marbled Murrelets Manx Shearwater Wandering Albatross Gull…

Seabird breeding questions

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Students on the Pribilofs are learning about seabird breeding this month. Each student has chosen a seabird species that breeds on the Pribilof Islands, and they will be filling in species-facts over the winter as we continue to learn. Do you know the answers to the following questions for your…

Parakeet & Crested Auklet

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The Parakeet Auklet and Crested Auklet both nest on the Pribilof Islands. They are similar in size, but you can easily tell these two species apart. Can you describe 2 ways that these species look different?