May 2013


Safety Practices

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Tonia Kushin and students learn safety practices for hunting seabirds for subsistence use from Paul Meolovidov (Aleut Community of St. Paul Island, Ecosystem Conservation Office).

Paul Melovidov

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Paul Melovidov, with the Tribal Government of St. Paul, visits the 6th and 7th grade class  to teach them about the cultural use of seabirds and ways to hunt safely.


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Students on St. Paul play “Chicken” in the Bering Sea during one of the last days of the school year.


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Summer starts on St. Paul!  Beach time during the last week of school

Aquilina Lestenkof

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Director of the Aleut community of St. Paul island Tribal Government talks to 6th and 7th grade students about the cultural significance of seabirds on the Pribilof Islands

Team Jump

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6 and 7th grade students from St. Paul Island, Tonia Kushin, Ann Harding, and baby Leif. Photo taken during the May Alaska Teen Media visit.  Students spent 2 days learning how to make their own seabird documentary!

Chuchkii return!

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Thousands of Least Auklets, also known as Chuchkii, are back on the Pribilof Islands! This photo was taken on St. Paul island on May 5.  Check out the sea-ice at the shore!Chuchkii are highly colonial seabirds, and nest in rocky crevices in colonies that can number over a million birds!…

Birds are Back!

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Seabird colonies all over the Northern Hemisphere are starting to come alive again with the sound of birds, and there are reports of kittiwakes, puffins and auklets back on the cliffs at the Pribilof Islands. Yay!The bird’s arrival coincides perfectly with the school field trip to the St. Paul cliffs…


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Seabird excitement in Chico, California! Ann Harding recently skyped with two 7th grade classes in Chico, sharing stories about the Pribilof Island Seabird Youth Network and seabird research in the Arctic. Students were fascinated to learn about the Pribilof Islands, and how different it is to grow up on St….