July 2013


Day Two

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Camp at St. Paul started with a warm-up game of Kittiwake-Sandlance that showed how hard it is for seabirds to find enough food to feed their chicks.The group then watched a special presentation by paleontologists.  They told us that St. Paul island is the second to last place on earth…

Day One

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Today marked the first day of the Seabird Youth Network Seabird Camp on St. Paul Island. Students arrived…(over 30 of them!)Began the day at the Civic Center with an introduction activity to learn each others’ names and something that we each enjoy about St. Paul Island.  After each student introduced him/herself, a ball…

Camp preparation

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Seabird Camp starts tomorrow on both St. Paul and St. George Island! Weather has been super foggy on St. George this summer… only 2 flights have made it in over the last 2 weeks and no fresh food was left in the store.   So, the teams felt very lucky…

What do Auklets eat?

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Students at the Pribilof Island Seabird Camps will be helping researchers catch Least Auklets to collect food samples this summer.  Least auklets eat zooplankton (small animals that drift in the ocean).  HOW DO WE COLLECT DIET SAMPLES: Least auklets have a special pouch under their tongue that they use to…

Seabird Real Estate

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Most folk are familiar with backyard nest boxes for land birds, such as chickadees and swallows, but few are aware that nest boxes for seabirds also exist. Nest boxes have been useful in re-establishing or increasing populations of threatened or endangered seabird species by providing safe and secure nesting habitat….

Cliff Safety

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The countdown for summer camps begins…  What should I think about when I am on the cliffs?   1) Keep back from cliff edges – a slip or trip could be fatal 2) Remember that some cliffs overhang or are unstable 3) Only visit cliffs as a group, and keep together…