September 2013


Distance Dissection

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Veronica Padula is a graduate student at UAA (University of Alaska, Anchorage), studying how plastic pollution affects seabirds in Alaska. Veronica has SKYPED with Pribilof students a couple times over the course of last school year, and has been a great resource for us to learn more about marine pollution. Last week,…

Conference competition

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The Alaska Marine Science Symposium is taking place in Anchorage, in January 2013.  We have funding from the North Pacific Research Board for four students to attend the conference and present a poster and the project videos. Two students will be chosen from each island based on their answers to…


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A scientific abstract summarizes research papers in a way that helps other researchers decide whether the study would be interesting or helpful to their own work. Abstracts include a title, the author’s names and affiliations (where they work), and the main findings of the study.Researchers also submit talk or poster…


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The Alaska Sealife Center has a new virtual field trip to learn about sea ice the Bering Sea.  Check it out.