February 2014


Symposium Day 4

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By Destiny Kushin and Carley Bourdukofsky We spent the morning visiting Veronica Padula and Doug Causey in their lab at the University of Alaska (UAA). At the lab, we helped examine bird stomachs.  Each student received a 
stomach sample, washed the contents into a beaker, and sorted organic from 
inorganic matter…

Symposium Day 3

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We spent the morning at the Anchorage museum imaginarium.  Our favorite things were the bubble-makers and learning how hot air balloons work.  After lunch we went back to the conference and heard some great talks about seabirds. We learned how important it is for researchers to test the impact of…

Symposium Day 2

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By Carley Bourdukofsky On January 21, 2014, we went to the Campbell Creek Science Center and learned about moose, foxes, chickadees, owls, beavers, etc. After learning about the animals we got ready to go snowshoeing for a couple of miles. During the Snowshoeing we played a 5 senses game and…