September 2015


Crested Auklet video

21.09.2015 in 2015 Seabird Camps, Education

We’re continuing to learn about the amazing seabirds that breed on the Pribilof Islands. After a great field trip to the cliffs, kids attending Seabird Camp split off into different groups to put

That’s all folks!

04.09.2015 in At-sea research, Education

We are out of candy, so we are heading in to Wainwright. Well, we are out of candy, but that’s not why we are heading in to Wainwright. The 2015 AMBON cruise is coming to an end on Saturday.

Charismatic microfauna

01.09.2015 in At-sea research, Education

Seabirds are charismatic megafauna—they are large animals that have popular appeal due to their cute or beautiful appearance. So what about all the little critters out there? They deserve our attention too, though it may take a microscope to truly appreciate them. I asked planktonologist Caitlin Smoot to tell us…