May 2016


First Day of Camp

31.05.2016 in 2016 Seabird Camps

Our first official day of Seabird Camp! Everyone piled into the truck at noon, and we drove over to Zapani for more least auklet captures. The foxes were patrolling the colony, and we saw one carrying a least auklet. We caught four more birds, bringing our total caught to 11….

More Least Auklet capture

31.05.2016 in 2016 Seabird Camps

The day was windy, but sunny. Bianca got up early to join us for a morning least auklet capture session. We were treated to great views of sea lions feeding near the beach, and there were lots and lots of birds at the colony. The birds kept walking over our…

We made it to St. George

31.05.2016 in 2016 Seabird Camps

The fog cooperated, and we made it to St. George! It’s fairly quiet here. The fur seals aren’t really around in any numbers, and there are hardly any murres on the cliffs, but the least auklets are busy at their colonies, and the kittiwakes are starting to claim their nest-sites…

St. Lawrence Island

03.05.2016 in Education

Biologists from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks (UAF) and Tokyo, Japan, are starting a new seabird research project on St. Lawrence Island this summer. St. Lawrence Island (Central Siberian Yupik: Sivuqaq) is located west of mainland Alaska in the Bering Sea, just south of the Bering Strait. The island is…