August 2017


Don’t Lose Count!

11.08.2017 in Education

2017 was a Population Count Year on the Pribilof Islands.  McKenna Hanson, a Refuge biotech working on St. George Island, explains what this entails:  Click, click, click, click, click, click, click….. “Darn it, I lost count!” For U.S. Fish & Wildlife (USFWS) seabird researchers in the Pribilof Islands, this year…

Reflections, goodbyes, and thank you

10.08.2017 in 2017 Seabird Camps, Commander Islands

After a couple of days in Anchorage, it was time for our friends from the Commander Islands to start their long journey home. Over a pizza supper on their last evening we talked over some of the highlights of this visit. These included: The Tiglax boat ride, and especially all…

Time in Anchorage

10.08.2017 in 2017 Seabird Camps, Commander Islands, Uncategorized

Our friends from the Commander Islands had an action-packed couple of days in Anchorage before flying back home. They visited the Anchorage Museum, experienced the American shopping mall, and had a picnic with paddle-boarding the first day. The second day was also full– They were given a guided tour of…