November 2017


Day Three on St. George

30.11.2017 in Education

It’s dark at 8am when the kids show up, and still dark at 9:30am. Everyone starts the day with warm milk to drink, and Bianca had her first lesson in knitting. It was a cozy start to the day.

November on St. George

29.11.2017 in Education, Uncategorized

I had plans to fly to St. George Island straight after Thanksgiving, to spend a week with the kids doing some fun seabird activities. Flying this time of year is often hard with wind, and St. Paul Island clocked winds of 114mph the day before Thanksgiving!

Seabird Report Card

16.11.2017 in Education, Uncategorized

Background Although seabirds spend most of their life out at sea, all seabirds return to land to lay their eggs and raise their chicks. Breeding sites are usually on islands, and often fairly remote.