Day Four on St. George

01.12.2017 in Education

We started the day making a puffin chick bread load. Waylon even found a dried cherry with a strange shape that looked like the mini horn for a horned puffin chick.

Day Three on St. George

30.11.2017 in Education

It’s dark at 8am when the kids show up, and still dark at 9:30am. Everyone starts the day with warm milk to drink, and Bianca had her first lesson in knitting. It was a cozy start to the day.

November on St. George

29.11.2017 in Education, Uncategorized

I had plans to fly to St. George Island straight after Thanksgiving, to spend a week with the kids doing some fun seabird activities. Flying this time of year is often hard with wind, and St. Paul Island clocked winds of 114mph the day before Thanksgiving!

Seabird Report Card

16.11.2017 in Education, Uncategorized

Background Although seabirds spend most of their life out at sea, all seabirds return to land to lay their eggs and raise their chicks. Breeding sites are usually on islands, and often fairly remote.

Bering Sea Days 2017

16.10.2017 in Education

2017 is the tenth anniversary of Bering Sea Days on St. Paul Island Bering Sea Days is a weeklong program hosted by the Ecosystem Conservation Office, Aleut Community of St. Paul Island, and the Pribilof School District.

Don’t Lose Count!

11.08.2017 in Education

2017 was a Population Count Year on the Pribilof Islands.  McKenna Hanson, a Refuge biotech working on St. George Island, explains what this entails:  Click, click, click, click, click, click, click….. “Darn it, I lost count!” For U.S. Fish & Wildlife (USFWS) seabird researchers in the Pribilof Islands, this year…

Waiting for eggs…

08.07.2017 in Education, Kittiwake Behavior

Rachael and Abram are on St. George Island studying red-legged kittiwakes.  Even though field biologists can be totally organized with all the details for camp-life, they can’t control whether their study species will lay eggs…  Here’s Rachael’s most recent report from the field:

Letters between islands

21.06.2017 in Commander Islands, Education

For the last 3 years, students living on the Pribilof Islands and the Commander Islands have been sharing letters. Letters are translated between Russian and English and sent via email between islands.

Back on St. George

08.06.2017 in Education, Kittiwake Behavior

The red-legged kittiwake research team are back on St. George Island.  Here’s Rachael Orben’s update on the start of their field season: Abram and I arrived on St George about a week ago.


26.05.2017 in Education, Kittiwake Behavior

Mercury is one of the most toxic contaminants found in the environment. It is released naturally during volcanic eruptions, however, over the last 300 years, humans have released lots of mercury into the environment while mining for gold and burning fossil fuels. In fact, mercury concentrations found in arctic animals…

Welcome Poster

19.05.2017 in Commander Islands, Education

Summer is approaching, and school is almost out for the summer vacation. Students on both the Commander Islands and the Pribilofs are getting excited for summer activities. 4th graders on St. Paul Island have been busy making posters

Alaska Bird Conference

21.12.2016 in Education

Hi, my name is Destiny and I am in seventh grade recently attending Hanshew Middle School in Anchorage. The reason I came to Cordova was to present a poster about the Seabird Youth Network poster at the Alaska Bird Conference. During the conference I learned that there are many more problems with…

Story of the Commander and Pribilof Islands

21.12.2016 in Commander Islands, Education

One of the highlights at the last Bering Sea Days was learning more about the historical link between the Commander and Pribilof Islands from Aquilina Lestenkof, director of Cultural Affairs at the Pribilof Islands Aleut Community of Saint Paul Island. Aquilina met with students from the 4-5th, and 6-8th grade…

Fall on St. Paul

12.10.2016 in Education

Bering Sea Days was in early October this year, and Fall on the Pribilof Islands has a very different hum to the breeding frenzy of summer life.

Bering Sea Days 2016

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Another week of Bering Sea Days is over! Many thanks to all the hard work of folks at the Ecosystem Conservation Office, Aleut Community of St. Paul Island, and the Pribilof School District for organizing and hosting such an incredibly rich week. One of the highlights of this year was…

Seabird Survivor Game

10.10.2016 in At-sea research, Education

We’ve enjoyed following Catherine Pham’s journeys as she studied seabirds out at-sea over the last year. This past week, Catherine flew all the way from Hawaii to Anchorage, Alaska… and then boarded another flight to St. Paul Island in time for Bering Sea Days. Bering Sea Days is a weeklong…

St. Lawrence Island

03.05.2016 in Education

Biologists from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks (UAF) and Tokyo, Japan, are starting a new seabird research project on St. Lawrence Island this summer. St. Lawrence Island (Central Siberian Yupik: Sivuqaq) is located west of mainland Alaska in the Bering Sea, just south of the Bering Strait. The island is…

Before there were eggs!

11.04.2016 in Education, Kittiwake Behavior

Where do red-legged kittiwakes forage before they lay their eggs? No one really knew the answer to this question until Rachael Orben and team deployed GPS dataloggers on them last May (2015) on St. George Island.

Central Place Foraging

07.04.2016 in Education, Kittiwake Behavior

What is a central-place forging trip? Red-legged kittiwakes are birds and therefore they lay eggs to reproduce. And, an egg needs to be kept warm for the embryo to grow and hatch into a chick. Obviously, seabirds aren’t able to lay eggs out at sea (where their food is). Instead,…

Kittiwake Highways and Traffic Patterns

29.03.2016 in Education, Kittiwake Behavior

St George Island is home to roughly half a million red-legged kittiwakes and the majority of these birds nest on the north facing cliffs of the island. The main foraging area for red-legged kittiwakes is located to the southwest of St. George, out past the shelf break and into the…

Fun activities on St. Paul

26.02.2016 in Commander Islands, Education

Some recent fun activities at the school on St. Paul Island. Недавние увлекательные занятия на острове Святого Павла. Above: The fire department came to our school and did a fire extinguisher lesson with our 7th through 12th grade students. Сотрудники Пожарной части пришли в нашу школу и с учениками 7-12…