Day four of camp

26 Jun 2016, by admin in 2016 Seabird Camps

Campers started the day by showing off their seabird identification skills with several rounds of Seabird Bingo.


After reviewing the special characteristics of both seabirds and shorebirds it was time to dream up Seabird Superheroes! These had special powers based on their unique seabird characteristics. Kids drew such heroes as Lightening Bird, Bigfoot Bird, Oily Bird, Iron Bird and the Black Widow.

Giant Bird

Giant Bird


Big-foot bird!

Our field trip featured three stations for each group: Ridgewall seabird scavenger hunt, Beach COASST beached bird surveys, and banner painting.

Seabird Youth Network

Then, in the evening campers dissected seabirds and feather collected feathers for Veronica’s contaminants research according to strict protocols.

dissection photo by Kendra

Our final night of photography was dry and blustery. Perfect for flight shots. The kittiwakes hung in the air and our group of 5 photographers made many attempts at photographing them.

BLKI by Ethan

Black-legged kittiwake by Ethan