Last Day of Camp 2017

26 Jul 2017, by cbdesignshop in 2017 Seabird Camps

We had a morning of preparation, mixed with a few field trips. The Commander Island team went to observe the fur-seal harvest so that they can compare it with the harvest on Bering Island, Natalia met with the Language team to share some Commander Island geneology, and Ann took Maurice and Thomas to the cliffs to count birds. After lunch, the Commander Island folk were given a tour of the Trident fish processing facility, and got to see the halibut process in action.

Afternoon camp started with craft session for students to finish their various camp projects, and Tonia led a lab simulating the dissection of seabird stomachs that contained a variety of different quality prey items and plastic debris. Balloons and different candy were used.

The TDX Youth Hire led everyone on an around-the-town Puffin Derby. Everyone solved seabird-themed riddles to find colored crayons at different places around town. The colors were used to complete a puffin drawing. Teams raced to compete in record time! We then headed up to the Rec. Hall for a dress rehearsal of tomorrow night’s theatre production “The Odd Sea”. We did two run-throughs, and the second was a great improvement over the first!

Our busy day was rounded off by a cooking session with Zee, who taught us how to make berry tarts for tomorrow’s community event. Thank you Zee!

The weather is great, and hot-dogs have been bought for a camp-fire tonight…