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Crested Auklet video

21.09.2015 in 2015 Seabird Camps, Education

We’re continuing to learn about the amazing seabirds that breed on the Pribilof Islands. After a great field trip to the cliffs, kids attending Seabird Camp split off into different groups to put

That’s all folks!

04.09.2015 in At-sea research, Education

We are out of candy, so we are heading in to Wainwright. Well, we are out of candy, but that’s not why we are heading in to Wainwright. The 2015 AMBON cruise is coming to an end on Saturday.

Charismatic microfauna

01.09.2015 in At-sea research, Education

Seabirds are charismatic megafauna—they are large animals that have popular appeal due to their cute or beautiful appearance. So what about all the little critters out there? They deserve our attention too, though it may take a microscope to truly appreciate them. I asked planktonologist Caitlin Smoot to tell us…

At Anchor

27.08.2015 in At-sea research, Education

  Early Tuesday morning, we left our study area to head up to Pt. Barrow. Why? Because the marine forecast for our region was calling for 35 knot winds and 12 foot seas.

Walruses, auklets, and brittle stars, oh my!

24.08.2015 in At-sea research, Education

  Walruses are part of that special group of animals that are so ugly they are cute. In more scientific terms, walrus are part of the pinniped clade, which also includes seals and sea lions, and like to eat clams. We have seen quite a few of them over the…

The Night Shift

21.08.2015 in At-sea research, Education, Uncategorized

While the seabird and marine mammal observers sleep at night, other scientists are afoot. At every sample station (red dots on the map), they are on deck deploying gear to collect physical, chemical, and biological samples. The first thing to go into the water at a station is the CTD,…

Life on the R/V Norseman II

17.08.2015 in At-sea research, Education

When you are living and working on a boat, two things stand out—you are stuck on the boat, and that boats can move in multiple directions at the same time! As far as being stuck on a boat goes, the Norseman II is an excellent choice! It is comfortable and…

The Wheelhouse Gang

12.08.2015 in At-sea research, Education

We have been transiting from Prudhoe Bay to our first sample station for the past several days (yellow star in location map above shows current location), and were lucky to start out with glassy seas. Unfortunately, that was not meant to last, and conditions returned to their normal gray, windy, and…


10.08.2015 in 2015 Seabird Camps

The kids on the Commander Islands have just returned from their summer camp.  We’re really excited to hear about the camp activities, it sounds like it was an action-packed adventure.  And, we can’t wait to hear their camp song! Many thanks to this report from camp leader Natalya Fomina. The…


10.08.2015 in At-sea research, Education

What is the Arctic Marine Biodiversity Observing Network (AMBON) project? The AMBON project is one of three pilot projects whose goal is to help establish a national network to monitor the biodiversity of U.S. waters, from micro-organisms to whales. The AMBON project focuses on the Chukchi Sea, while the other…

Checking nest-boxes

03.08.2015 in 2015 Seabird Camps

Seabird activities continue on St. George.  Abram gave a talk about the red-legged kittiwake project, that included using Google Earth to check out the small hand-full of islands where they breed.  It’s amazing to think that 70% of the world population breeds on St. George Island! The crew then headed…

Foggy Start

03.08.2015 in 2015 Seabird Camps

Seabird Camp on St. George had an unplanned start.  The plane carrying Ann and Peter circled the island a few times, but it was too foggy to land and they had to return all the way back to Anchorage (an 11 hour round trip!).  This is not unusual for St….

Seabird Portraits

13.07.2015 in 2015 Seabird Camps

Kids participating in the recent Seabird Camp on St. Paul Island have created some beautiful portraits of the local seabirds to share with the students on the Commander Islands. Tufted Puffin Young Kittiwake Tufted Puffin Tufted Puffin portrait Red-faced Cormorant Rainbow Horned Puffin Least Auklets Horned Puffin Crested Auklet  …

Commander Island Summer Camp

09.07.2015 in 2015 Seabird Camps, Commander Islands

Where are the Commander Islands? The Commander Islands are located at the end of the Aleutian Islands, and about 110 miles east of the Kamchatka Peninsula. Funded by the National Park Service’s Shared Beringian Heritage Program, we’ll be working closely with biologists and the school district on the Commander Islands…


01.07.2015 in 2015 Seabird Camps

The wrap-up for this year’s camp started with finding a place for all of our big animal masks.  We can thank Mr. Mac at the St. Paul School for displaying all the masks so nicely on the school library.  Now the kids can see their creations year-round! Intern Marjorie continued…

The Grand Finale!

30.06.2015 in 2015 Seabird Camps

The day of the plays!  Even with the extensive prep work we had done, everything came down to the wire Saturday.  Masks, props and the background mural were all completed as the minutes ticked toward show time. The mural was finished moments before our gathering at the Rec Hall.  Parts…


28.06.2015 in 2015 Seabird Camps

The last day of this year’s seabird camp!  Our plays and goodbyes will happen tomorrow at 7:30 at the Rec Hall. We started the day by hearing more about life in the Commander Islands.  It is very similar yet different from here.  Campers were excited to hear that kids from…

Seabird Camp Day Four

27.06.2015 in 2015 Seabird Camps

We started another big day at Seabird Camp with a presentation on “Seabird Capture: How and Why. “ Some of the students, including Chauncey and Ethan, were eager to tell the class about their own experiences working with scientists to capture seabirds.  All of the kids enjoyed seeing pictures of…

Seabird Camp Day Three

25.06.2015 in 2015 Seabird Camps

Day three of Seabird Camp started in the microscopic world as we looked at slides of zooplankton. Some kids had studied plankton the night before and found it so interesting that we decided everyone should get a chance to glimpse the wonderful world of tiny creatures. St. Paul Tribal Government’s…

Seabird Camp Day Two

25.06.2015 in 2015 Seabird Camps

Thirty three kids packed the science room as Kendra started the day by talking about the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and what it does on the Pribilofs and across the country.  All the kids will now tell you that a wildlife refuge is “a place where WILDLIFE COMES FIRST!” …

Seabird Camp Day One

24.06.2015 in 2015 Seabird Camps

Seabird camp on St. Paul started with a bang! Teams of campers raced to collect all of the things that seabirds need to raise a chick. The successful parents found space, food, water, shelter, an egg, and a chick. Campers tested their knowledge with a “Who wants to be a…

Contaminant Research

23.06.2015 in 2015 Seabird Camps

Veronica Padula and Misty Libby from the University of Alaska, Anchorage (UAA) are on St. Paul this summer studying contaminants in birds. Chauncey (one of our Seabird Camp interns) has been assisting them with some of the field work, and Veronica and Misty are also helping out with Seabird Camp…

Momentum is building

20.06.2015 in 2015 Seabird Camps, Education

Count Down:  Only two days until the start of Seabird Camp! Preparations have been rolling along here on St. Paul. We continued to build paper mache masks and props for our plays.  It has been quite the workshop down at the school, with kids dropping by to help out.  Marjorie…